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Personal training is our flagship program. Whether you have never worked out before or you're a professional athlete, our personal trainers have the experience and knowledge to build a program that suits your fitness level. We are known for providing a friendly and non-intimidating environment to help you achieve real results and maintain your goals.


Working out with a partner is more fun and challenging for some people. A workout partner not only makes the workout more entertaining but also often gives you the extra push you need to maximize your potential. Whether your fitness partner is your friend, spouse, family member, or colleague, we can create a workout plan suitable for you and your partner along with a unique nutritional plan based on your goals.


 Personal training is one of the most optimal ways to reach your goals. However, we understand that it is a serious expense. In order to make our services more affordable we have begun to offer semiprivate sessions. What are semiprivate sessions you may ask? Semi private sessions are private training workouts where up to 4 people utilize the same trainer in an hour. The focus of these sessions is to increase strength and build lean muscle mass while dropping the most amount of body fat possible.  


Working out with a small group while getting the benefits of personal training. A small group Private setting not only makes the workout more entertaining but also gives you the extra push you need to perform with maximized effort. Our trainers do a wonderful job at managing the session so that no one feels left behind. Your performance during class does not affect any other class members based on our structure. Join a class today and lets crush those goals!



Our boxing classes are catered towards those with a passion for growth in the boxing world. These technique focused private lessons not only increase your boxing skills but also create a strong foundation for those interest in entering the ring. These lessons are a fantastic workout focused on an increase of stamina and lean muscle mass. Your first boxing class is on the house. Give it a try today!


A blend of specific dance moves that will help you define burn calories for a fun workout experience. This class is a dynamic program with dynamic dance moves and Latin music! Using easy-to-follow moves in interval training segments helps you burn calories and develop a commitment to fun.

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